Friday, February 14, 2014

Lawrence Family Cemetery, University of Louisville, Kentucky

Located on the grounds of the University of Louisville "Shelby" campus, this picturesque cemetery is little known and largely overlooked.  Before the forty days of snow started, I went over to check it out and take these photos.  It's like something from a movie...

Aerial view, from Bing maps.  Strangely, I prefer bing to google for this one function.
The above aerial photo shows how the cemetery just sort of blends in.  In the photo, Shelbyville Road is to the left.  The large buildings are the class halls.  This is the suburban campus of UL, and it doesn't get as much use as the downtown facilities.

A view of the campus, from the cemetery. 

View of the cemetery, from outside the stone wall that surrounds it.  A neighborhood is in the background.

Another view of the cemetery, from the outside.  The trees are pretty surreal.

A typical headstone from this cemetery, that of Harriet Fugua, who died in 1833.  All of the graves I saw date from 1800-1850 or so.  This place

More stones.  These seem like movie props from some low-budget college film, yet they aren't...

As if this scene wasn't creepy enough, there are a pair of above ground vaults.

Aaaaand....they are busted open.  No remains to be seen.

This grave has a separate historical marker.  It too is busted open...  I mean, really?

Another marker for the same grave.

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  1. I've investigated that cemetery several times as well as Founders Hall yards away on the U of L campus. I can tell you this, DON'T take a picture of the inside of the cracked vaults. Big mistake! In 2011 I did just that and someone followed me home. In my picture there is an orb with a face in it inside the vault. At that time there was a small crack in one of the vaults and I was able to fir my camera lens in the crack and take the picture. Guess that made the occupant decide I was fair game and think he could come home with me. I had a heck of a time getting him to leave. Got numerous class A evps where he kept saying, "I don't know how to get back, I'm lost." Anyway, this is a very haunted location. It's beautiful, in a sad sort of way, in the spring and summer. Lots of baby bunnies in the graveyard in the spring.

    I'm saddened as I look at your pictures, to see how desecrated it's become. The last time I was there was a year ago and the amount of destruction is alarming. The bodies were moved several years ago, but clearly the spirits remain.

  2. That's so sad :(
    I wish the pictures were clearer so I could read the memorials.

    1. Blogger has been doing awkward stuff to our photos lately. I have messed with the photos and they seem to be looking better. If you click on each photo, you can view a larger version. Thanks for your interest, we are trying to improve.