Thursday, April 10, 2014

George Rogers Clark Homesite Cabin, Clarksville, Indiana

Located along the Ohio River, this log cabin is a historical reconstruction.  It is located in the same area as the original George Rogers Clark homesite, the exact location having been lost to history.    Join us today as we check out this neat local attraction.

 In addition to being the GRC homesite, its also one of several historical Lewis and Clark locations located up and down the Ohio River.  Famous for their explorations of the newly purchased Louisiana Territory, Lewis and Clark were responsible for documenting a swath of land that was unimaginable in is size and terrain.

 Another plaque, this one dedicated to the homesite and its famous owner.

Another plaque, this one dedicated to the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

 Front porch of the cabin.  Note the use of raw posts holding up the roof, with knots and all.
Side shot of the cabin.  Note the rough hewn lumber, along with the mortar used to fill in the gaps.

A lot of the logs are marked with metal tags.  I believe this was done to help with the reassembly process.  It looks like the cabin was once somewhere else, but was moved here.

The mortar-less stone foundation, keeping the logs off of the ground, inhibiting some chances of rot.

An old style split rail fence borders the western side of the cabin, overlooking the river somewhat.

A small shed also on the property.  This appears to me to be newly constructed of fresh timber.

 The remains of a water fountain.  Also inframe is a sidewalk, which makes the cabin easy to access.

A view upriver, showing the city of Louisville.  Also visible is a railroad bridge and the former falls.

View downstream, showing the old LG&E hydroelectric plant.  I believe that its inactive.

Across the street is another small park area, with this fabulous concrete boat.  Perhaps this is an homage to the areas maritime heritage?  I'm unsure here.

Another shot of the concrete flatbottom boat, complete with mast.  Yea, that's it.

Also in the park are a few millstones, seemingly from different sets, thought I'm no mill expert.

More stones...

Close up of stone.  Nifty..

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  1. Like your site! Living in the southern Indiana area and unable to get out anymore like I used to, your site still lets me "explore" areas of interest. Thank you!

  2. The concrete boat kinda reminds me of the boat that Lewis & Clark used during explorations, but I could be wrong?
    Did you wander around the interpretive center?

  3. Curiosity got me!

    1. That makes sense. Good catch. I had figured it was a flat bottom river barge. The interpretive center wasn't open when we went, but we plan on going back another day.