Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ruins of abandoned industrial site, Louisville, Kentucky

 At one time, Louisville Kentucky was a thriving industrial town.  Even today, there is a fair amount of manufacturing capacity scattered throughout the town.  But like all towns in the rust belt, abandoned factories are scattered throughout its boundaries, like headstones in some industrial-age graveyard.  The set of ruins that we are examining in the photo set are of an unknown origin, but like many others we've seen lately, they are on their way out.

The most prominent feature of the site is of course the hulking brick chimney.  The wrecking crew has been leveling the buildings with the bulldozer visible in this frame.  Wisely, they seem to have avoided the smokestack, perhaps realizing that it is beyond their skills and equipment. 

Also notable when approaching the site is the massive embankment made out of debris bordering the entire block.  This pile, 10-12 feet tall in places, makes the ragged fence a little unnecessary.   It looks as though efforts are being made to keep the stuff on site, perhaps for recycling or resale purposes.

Another section of the debris wall.  The timbers appear to have been pulled out and stacked.  Old bricks such as those present here are actually somewhat valuable, making their theft commonplace in some other cities. 

Another, final shot of the chimney, its furnace never again to belch smoke.  Ivy and trees have taken it over, like they would anything else given a long enough timeline.  So goes  this town on the river.

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