Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Lost John Pectol Road Bridge, New Albany, Indiana

The world around us is always changing, never to be nailed down.  A building is built one day, while another is leveled that same day.  Our memories and our photos try to document what we see, but even they fade.  This, is the story of a bridge that we missed.

We received a hot tip, that a nearby bridge had been condemned.  Like all good people, we decided to go document the bridge in its final days, hoping perhaps to preserve something of it with our lenses.  Sadly, it was not to be so.
This is what we found that day, a pair of lonely abutments and a wide, muddy creek.
But are we in the right place?  The bullet holed sign suggest so.

Alas, a sad confirmation.  A sign, found in the creek below, indicating that the now-missing bridge is a historic site.  Listed is a now dead website, as well as a contact person to help preserve the bridge.  Obviously, these are now moot.
Well, at least someone left us some interesting graffiti.  And so goes the John Pectol Road bridge, existent only in photos and memories, both of which are apt to fade.

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  1. It's too bad you weren't able to document this one. It was only one lane wide and had a wooden (as in no asphalt) deck. I think it was built sometime in the 1890's. The runup to the deck was pretty steep so if you went fast enough, you'd catch some air (and come crashing down onto a 100+ year old bridge held together by wood.) Cars going over it could be heard over a mile away.