Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Glenview Post Office, Former Trainstation - Louisville, Kentucky

Glenview, Kentucky, is located just east of downtown Louisville.  What serves today as a post office was actually once the town's interurban trainstation.  It has been carefully preserved, keeping its unique character and old-style charm

Located on Glenview Avenue, the trainstation is marked here with a red arrow.  The now-removed railroad track is still visible, outlined with the blue line.  Seventy years later, it can still be seen, running east from Louisville.
Side of station.  The generous overhangs allowed passengers to wait in a dry place during rainshowers.
 Abandoned in the 1930's, the Louisville metro area was once connected by a series streetcar routes.  These lines, stretching from downtown Louisville to the surrounding suburbs, allowed wealthier workers to ability to move outside the urban core.  Even today, there is a correlation between these trainstations and wealth, with prosperous communities still being nearby.

While being utilitarian, this trainstation has lovely detail work in the glass.
The trainstation fireplace.  Note the old photos and plaques on the mantle, showing its local heritage.
Rather than tear down this old station after its abandonment, the City of Glenview decided to restore it, and today it houses the local postoffice.  While it has been somewhat modified, it retains most of its historic details, including ticket windows and fireplace.

Back view of the station, with stacked mail bins.
 The Glenview postoffice is a wonderful example of what can be done when preservation is the goal.  As always, we here at Eerie Indiana commend such efforts.

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