Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Abandoned and Demolished Railroad Bridge, Paoli, Orange County, Indiana

While it may look like an Aztec pyramid, this is actually the remains of a bridge.  Demolished in 1982, this is all the remains of a railroad bridge in Paoli Indiana.

View of the other abutment, also lacking its bridge.
Constructed in 1904, the Paoli Railroad Bridge ran across this large valley.  When the decided to demolish it, all that was torn down was the steel.  For reasons unclear, the large stone abutments were left in place.  While the rails were ripped up, the beds are still quite visible in the surrounding woods.

Former rail bed, facing towards the valley.
Looking from one abutment to the other.  This was a loooooong bridge...
This photo is misleading, the drop is quite far.  The climb wasn't too bad though.
Rail signage, still left in the woods near the rail bed.  Its meaning is unclear.
A final view of the abutment, seen from afar.

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  1. For views of this bridge while in Service for the old Monon Railroad check out
    James Norwood