Sunday, January 12, 2014

Abandoned Cedar Grove Bridge, Franklin County, Indiana

Located in Franklin County, Indiana, the Cedar Grove Bridge was abandoned because of a dispute between county and state officials.  While it is in decent shape, nobody wanted to pay to have it repainted and redecked.  As a result, the bridge was closed and traffic redirected to another bridge just upriver.  Its future is in doubt.

Closed bridge portal, with fencing, concrete, and signs.  There is no subtlety here.....
The weight limit for this bridge is ten tons, which was a large part of the decision to close it and keep it closed.  It was decided that this limit was not enough for emergency vehicles, and no one wanted to throw good money after bad....

The stone abutment is quite massive, as the person illustrates. 
Bridge piers, constructed of two pilings driven into the river bed.  The bridge was built in 1914, and will be turning 100 soon.  We should all be so lucky to last thing long...
The cross braces are rotted out, but this isn't totally a loss yet.  The bridge could still be saved, I suspect.
Another shot of the bridge, this one from upstream.

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