Thursday, August 1, 2013

Abandoned Modern Living Building, Portland - Louisville, Kentucky

 Located in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky, the old Modern Living furniture store building has long been a local fixture of the area.  Long since abandoned, the former storefront building has been turned into a warehouse.

Located on the corner of 31st Street and Northwestern Parkway, the building appears to be structural sound, despite its apparent neglect.
The Modern Living building in better times.  Note the large wall signage and front display windows, both of which are gone today.  The purpose of the projecting metal poles is unclear.  (University of Louisville photo) 
One of the large front windows has been converted into a roll up garage door.  Note the broken windows, covered with a tarp.
A close-up of the ornamental rosette set below the window.  Time has turned it black and grey.
The most notable feature of the Modern Living building is its old fashioned signage.  Despite being out of use for years, no one has torn them down or sold them off for a quick dollar.
The Dixie Highway location had a similar sign, albeit mounted on a pole in the parking lot. (University of Louisville photo)
Located on the side of the building, the original entrance has obviously seen some remodeling work.
Another side view of the building.  With some work, the building could be in usable shape in rather short order.  Given the current state of the area, it is unlikely that it would be a large retail location ever again.
An interior shot of the building, back in its prime.  This "Mad Men" style of furniture is back in demand again, and is probably quite valuable in this sort of condition.  Like the building, these items too are certainly lost to the past.  (University of Louisville photo)

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