Monday, August 5, 2013

Abandoned Storage Units, Jeffersonville, Indiana

We've been to a lot of interesting and strange places while working on this site, most of which were notable only for what we saw.  These abandoned storage units, on the other hand, were truly scary to wander through.  It felt like a creepy movie; every door, every aisleway.  This is what we saw that day.

Rows of doors, hiding darkness behind them.
There is a great deal of construction going on right now in the Louisville area, most of which relates to a pair of bridges that are being built across the Ohio River in the coming years.  With this construction comes abandonment and demolition, as is the case with this storage unit facility here.

More open doors, with piles of debris pouring into the street.
Its hard to know exactly what happened here, but we came up with a pretty good theory.  It seems as though tenants of the units were given notice to move their stuff out.  Nearly everyone complied, of course.  Those that did not had their stuff ransacked.

Piles of clothes and other personal effects.
One locker in particular had a large amount of stuff, most of which was drug out and pilfered.

This Bible was sitting in an empty locker, showing evidence of water damage.
Garage sized locker, their doors missing already
After rounding this corner, we suddenly got a weird feeling, that animal part of our brains kicking in at last.  I could feel eyes on me, even though I couldn't see anyone.  I began to backtrack towards the car.

The doors still carry signage and information about the facility.
More open doors, more dark places with blind spots.
We hopped into the car to circle around for a few final photos.  The fence has already been trashed and taken away.

The main office, its metal siding having been removed.

Interior of same office.  Little remains inside.

Remains of the gate and keypad area.  These too were missing, of course.

A final departing shot.  The empty field to the right was also leveled for the construction.  Many more buildings will fall before the project is done.
 At this point in time, we began to realize that had thrown up flags for us.  Homeless people were living here, setting up small bedrooms in the various empty lockers.  We saw a few individuals as we drove away that afternoon, coming out of the various units we had walked past, perhaps 6 or so total.

Same unit, doors now locked.

Another visit a week later confirmed that local authorities had locked down the complex.  Most of doors were now zip-tied shut, a modest effort to keep people out.  Regardless, we decided not to linger.  This place is still too unsettling.  It gives the impression of walking down a long hallway in the dark.

Demolition.  The storage units were wiped off the face of the map only a couple weeks after our initial photo set was taken.

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