Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ruins of Frankel Memorial Chapel, Louisville, Kentucky


Built in 1905, the Frankel Memorial Chapel was located in the rear of the Adath Israel cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky.  After years of apparent neglect, the roof of the building collapsed during sort of repair attempt in the summer of 2012. The debris has all been removed, perhaps for recovery and reuse, but the building itself is still little more than a shell despite the passage of almost a year.

An aerial shot of the cemetery, showing the dilapidated building, its terracotta roof a bright orange.
A side view of the chapel.  Note the interesting layered stonework.
The outline of the front porch is still visible, as are the footprints of the columns.

A shot of the interior.  Work crews have left behind some of their materials.
A twisted piece of roof flashing.  This sort of thing, coupled with the blackening of the stonework led us to believe that the building had burned down, an incorrect belief as it turned out.
A small fireplace, set into the wall.

The purpose of this hole in the floor is unclear.

A shot of the rear.  This places look more like an old castle then a cemetery chapel.

A final shot of the chapel, pre-collapse.  Compare shot with the first one for the full effect.  (National Historic Register photo)

For more information, view the Historic Register paperwork at this link: Historic Register Link

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  1. The hole in the floor looks like the stones were laid on purpose to create that void. Perhaps someone was originally interred there?

  2. The Frankel Memorial Chapel was originally dedicated on Dec. 10, 1905. It was designed by the architect William J. Dodd. See Courier-Journal of 12/10/1905 p. C10.