Sunday, November 24, 2013

Restored Train Depot with museum, La Grange, Kentucky

La Grange, Kentucky, is an interesting small town.  Like many small towns in the region, the town square is built around the railroad tracks that run through the town.  Somewhat uniquely, the tracks in La Grange actually run right down the middle of Main Street.  Building on this heritage, the town features the motto "We're on track" in several places.  Join us today as we look at their restored railroad depot and museum.

Side view of depot.
Large overhangs, typical of a train depot.  Note the fine beadboard.
Most railroad towns featured signs like this, permitting the conductor and engineer to know where they were.

Sigh for the museum, located in the station basement.
While the trainstation has been in decent shape for as long as I can recall, only recently has La Grange tried to capitalize on it's history in some meaningful way.  With the addition of a new museum and the display of a locomotive out front, the depot is actually a place to visit now.  In years past, it simply housed various commercial activities, and was something to be driven past.

Old locomotive placed out in front of station.  Note the "Thomas the tank engine" themed paint job.
A small spur of track was recently placed outside the station, and on it now rest an old steam locomotive.  Oddly, the engine is actually British, and to my knowledge would never have run on the lines, but its neat anyhow.  See this link for more info about the engine itself.

Side view.

Rear view.
Those who are more familiar with locomotives will note that this engine is missing a lot of parts.  This is because it was actually going through a restoration of some kind (according to someone involved with it) before it was moved to La Grange in August of 2011.  Other sources indicate that it was in a junk yard, which may be true, but in my experience scrappers usually take things apart with a blowtorch, not a wrench.  You be the judge....

View from the cab.
Boiler, as seen from the cab.  Note the complete lack of gauges and levers.
Inside of boiler firebox.  All of the tubes are for heat to run through, allowing for efficient conversion of the flame into steam.
Lever for ringing the bell and so on.
Steam piston cylinder, stripped of parts.  Again, no blowtorch damage.
Rails, awaiting more display cars.  The active line is in the background. 

Old style trucks, sans cars.

Another shot of the trucks.  The goal here isn't clear.

Another set of future exhibits awaiting their future, behind the old depot.  The grey flat car looks like it came from the old Indiana Army Ammunition Plant, as its design, colors and markings indicate.

Small "pony" locomotive.

Similar locomotives have come out of the INAAP as well, though they are in a different color scheme.
View from engineers seat.

Coupler on pony engine.
Side view.  Cramped quarters indeed.
Another front shot.  Note the horsehoe welded to the grill.
Brake mechanism on small engine.  It has seen better days, but probably still works.
We will update this post as more info becomes available.  I look forward to seeing this place grow.

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