Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Abandoned Old Brownsboro Road Bridge, Oldham County, Kentucky

Located in Oldham County, Kentucky, this old stone arch bridge dates back to 1900.  It was bypassed and replaced in 1967, and today crumbles slowly off to the side of the road.  While one side of the bridge has completely washed away, the arch itself is still intact.  Join us today as well look at this neat landmark.

Aerial view, Bing maps.  The bridge is marked with the arrow.  note that the right end of the bridge leads into space...
Shot of bridge, through the woods.
View from the top.
Another view from the deck.  As is evident, the whole west side of the bridge approach is gone.

Interior of arch.  While the mortar is nearly all gone, the arch is still holding itself together.

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