Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Abandoned Old Taylor Distillery, Versailles, Kentucky

Located just southeast of  Frankfort, Kentucky in Woodford County, The Old Taylor Distillery has been abandoned for a few decades.  To be honest, it shows.  Structures are beginning to collapse, ivy has overgrown the place, and vandalism has been rampant.  In short, the distillery is nearly gone.  Join us as we examine with this photo set that we took in the summer of 2013.

Aerial photo, from Bing maps.
First and foremost, this needs to be made clear.  The Old Taylor Distillery complex is privately owned, and the owners DO NOT like people stepping foot on their property.  This is understandable, as they explained to us that vandals and thieves have taken a heavy toll on the property in recent years.  Distilleries contain a lot of copper, and copper has a high scrap value.  So you see where this goes...

Another building, seen from the road.

Long story short, the owners will call the cops on you if they think you are on their land, they told us this very clearly.  All of these photos were taken from the right-of-way associated with the road that goes past the property, some with the help of zoom lenses.  Don't do anything dumb, respect their wishes and don't trespass. 

Interesting octagonal building, covered in ivy.
The most notable feature of the property is this castle facade, made out of stone.  Its from a different era..
Water towers dot the property, and all of the water used was pulled from a nearby spring.
Another water tower, in the woods.
A shot of the other entrance to the complex.
The remains of the stenciled sign on the side of  a warehouse.  All liquor must be stored in "bonded warehouses" approved by the BATF.
Guard shack.
Interior of the shack.  Did we say there was water damage?
A conveyor belt, crossing the road.

A nearby stone arch bridge.
Apparently a fleamarket was once housed in the distillery?
Another neat shot.  The buildings are seriously overgrown.

Oddly enough, just down the road from the distillery is this tiny cemetery.
The primary resident?  A Revolutionary War veteran.
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  1. Thanks for the interesting post. I got back to Frankfort last year but didn't happen by here. Went to Buffalo Trace for the ghost tour, but might explore the area more next year.

  2. Thanks for the interesting post. I was in Frankfort last year but went to Buffalo Trace distillery for the Ghost tour. Might try to explore the area more next time I'm there.