Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Abandoned Red Bridge on Devil's Hollow Road, near Frankfort, Kentucky

Located near Frankfort, Kentucky, this old bridge crossing Benson Creek was built in 1896.  Bypassed by a new bridge in 1980, it has been abandoned to the elements and is slowly decaying alongside Devil's Hollow Road.  Join us today as we check out this neat old structure.

Aerial photo from Bing Maps.  No explanation needed here...

Closed portal.
Rotted deck.  I would not walk on this, at all.

Steel beam, riveted in place.  The bridge steel is kinda ugly, but I've seen and driven on worse.

Old bridge, meet new bridge.
Massive stone abutments.

There is a small waterfall in the background.  We were too rushed for time to check it out.

A departing shot of the bridge.  I suspect this bridge will be lost to time, needlessly.

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