Sunday, October 27, 2013

Abandoned "Sonic" Drive-In Restaurant, Clarksville, Indiana

The "Sonic" fast food chain expressed a period of explosive growth in the late 90s, followed by what seemed like a rather quick decline in the late 2000's.  In the southern Indiana, there are now four closed former Sonic locations.  One in New Albany, two in Jeffersonville, and this one in Clarksville.  The buildings are strange and unique, which is why we decided to feature the one shown here.

Front of Sonic, with windows covered up.

Drive through sign, to the left.
Drive through window, also closed.
The most notable feature of any drive in, of course, are the stalls for each vehicle.  When the Sonic chain first opened, the the "Carhops," waiters on rollerskates, would deliver your food to you in style.  This ended after some time.
Ordering station.  All of the Sonic signage has been removed, except for this decal.

Even the playground has been shut down, probably for liability reasons.  Very sad sight.
Overgrown trees.....

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