Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Abandoned and ruined house, Clarksville, Indiana

We don't really have much information on this house, so we will let the pictures speak for themselves.  Located in Clarksville, in Clark County, Indiana, this house has clearly seen better days. Its in such bad shape, that I initially thought that it was a barn.  Everything is fleeting.

Creeping up, through the woods....

What is that?
Oh yea, a building, a house?
That's a kitchen.  House it is!
Another exterior shot...
And the house disappears as we walk away.

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  1. cool photo's. Is there a group that makes trips to old abandoned structures in the Madison area? If so , I would like to join them. my email is

    thanks, Bill

  2. where in Clark County is this located?

  3. Where exactly is this? Would love to check it out.