Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hobbs Memorial Chapel, Anchorage, Kentucky

Anchorage, Kentucky, is located in the eastern part of Jefferson County.  Largely hidden from view, the Hobbs Memorial Chapel is all that remains of a beautiful church that burned down in the 1954.  It has since been conserved, but not restored.  Join us as today we examine this unusual locale.

View from Osage Road.  The chapel is strangely hard to find.
Hobbs Chapel, 1936.  (University of Louisville Collection)

Aerial shot from Bing Maps.  The chapel is marked with a red arrow, the cemetery in blue.
The Hobbs Chapel is strangely hard to find.  Google Maps has it located in the middle of a neighborhood, which it is not.  It is located off of Osage Road, and the cemetery is hidden behind it, before 200 yards.  If you don't know where to look, the cemetery simply can't be found.

Entrance gate for the chapel.

Interesting brickwork on the grounds of the chapel.
Front of chapel.
Once the chapel had been destroyed by fire, its future was pretty unclear.  A fair amount of the masonry survived, but not enough to rebuild the building.  The decision was made to convert it into a public park, and the land was donated to the city of Anchorage. 

These days, the chapel grounds are maintained by the Anchorage Garden Club, as indicated by this plaque.
As indicated by the marker, the Chapel was built in 1877.  It is not on the National Register.
Rear view of conserved chapel.
Behind the chapel, a path winds through the property. 
Extra masonry bits, placed for decorative purposes.
Another bit of the chapel, probably from the steeple.  I suspect the eagle is not original....
The chapel now holds a park bench, but not much else. 

The sun was setting as we left that day, and our lighting began to fade.  So it goes sometimes.

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