Thursday, October 3, 2013

Abandoned Time Clock Building, Indiana Army Ammunition Plant, Charlestown, Indiana

Located on the grounds of the old abandoned Indiana Army Ammunition Plant (INAAP), this is the time clock building for the whole plant.  While much of the production side has been condemned, this building has been largely left alone.  The following photos have been taken over the span of a few years, and show that neglect is taking its toll regardless.

Another front view of the building.
As the title implies, this building housed the time clocks and punch cards for the plant.  Thousands of plant workers would go through these doors, clock in, and then go to work.  At the end of the day, the ritual was completed again, only in reverse.

Interior shot of building.

Workers were funneled through the building, were the would pick up their card, and punch it.

Punch card rack, now empty.
Same racks, now scattered on the floor.
Punching in properly was serious business, as this sign indicates.
Another shot of the lanes, as created by the doors.

The time clocks are now gone.  However, turning them off was obviously a big no-no.

Large parts of the plant were gender segregated, as this door indicates.  Likewise, smoking at a gunpowder plant was also a big issue.
Fire extinguisher bracket.
Abandoned, empty lockers.

Same lockers, now pushed over.  People feel the need to vandalize buildings.  I'm not sure why.

Mandatory art house photo.

In the background is a now demolished powerhouse.  There were two, and both were leveled a few years ago.

Birds call the building home.
Interesting soap dispenser, yes?

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  1. My mother worked here for a while in the 60's. Pretty ood pay for a woma at that time.