Sunday, September 29, 2013

Abandoned House, Rural Kentucky

On a recent drive through the country, we stumbled past this lovely house.  Its a bit of a fixer-upper, needing some paint here and there.  Most people would drive right by, never stopping.  We decided otherwise, and this is what we found....

The living room is...plagued by problems.  That's a couch on the right, more or less.

The kitchen could stand to be updated too.  The stove on the left is still in place, surprisingly, as is the small dresser in the background.

The design of the roof is very old fashioned.  Rather than being decked with plywood, it uses planks.  This is too pricey for modern houses.

This appears to be the bedroom, also ruined.  I don't see this house being around much longer.

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  1. Eerie that clothes are still in the bedroom closet!

  2. Send listings of old decrepit mansions and abandoned places to: I desire others send me pictures of cool and unique places for publication.

  3. From the outside, this house has the appearance of homes built in the late 30s-early 40s. The awning over the front porch is typical of that era. Somewhere along the line the windows were replaced, but are a shambles now as is the rest of the shack.