Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Amtrak Train Car, converted into office, Louisville, Kentucky

Located in downtown Louisville, this Amtrak car is hidden amongst vines and industrial buildings.  Little known, it has been preserved and converted into office space, invisible to those who don't know where to look.

Another exterior shot.
The exact history of this traincar is somewhat grey.  While it has been preserved somewhat, it is unclear of this was the actual goal of its owners, or just an accident.  With special permission, I was able to examine it further.

Shot of one of the doors, buried in ivy.
Another exterior door shot.
Interior shot, with what appears to be a wetbar.
Now this is where it gets weird.  While the traincar is sitting next to a building, it isn't simply there.  It has actually been incorporated into the permanent structure.  A hole has been cut into the side of the brick warehouse, and a tunnel has been built, leading to the train car.

Another shot of the bar, it seems abandoned as well, strangely.
Luggage racks, still in place.

While the seats have all been ripped out of the car, some bits and pieces of its history remain.  Aside from these luggage racks, the bathrooms still remain intact, albeit not in usable shape.

Bathroom, with paint cans.

Yes, the windows are covered with ivy too.  It provides a surreal experience.

A final, departing shot of the Amtrak Car, its glistening surface being hidden by time.

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