Sunday, October 13, 2013

Abandoned Circle Road Bridge, Harrison County, Indiana

Located in Harrison County, Indiana, this is the old abandoned Circle Road Bridge.  It was replaced in 2002, though apparently left just as it was.  We checked it out on a recent trip through the area.

Bridge, abandoned.
The bridge is in really good shape, surprisingly so.  It has been recently painted, and the deck is quite solid.  Little of the roadbed remains, but the bridge is completely intact, with no gates or chains blocking it off.
Shot, from the deck.
View from the other end.
Connectors, with fairly fresh paint.  This bridge should really be salvaged and moved elsewhere.
Stone abutments, still sturdy.
Its not really clear why this bridge was abandoned.  Yea, its one lane, but there really isn't much traffic on the road.  This is called "functional" obsolescence, rather than structural.  Its not rusted, rotted, or falling down.  It simply was declared to be too old.

View over the railing, up the waterway.  This probably wouldn't stop a car....
A shot as we walked away, up the old roadbed to the current Circle Road.
Final view of the bridge, receding into the woods.

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  1. I live right down the road from this. my husband would tell me about how creepy and cool it was driving across this bridge. he has family that lives off of circle road :)