Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hobbs Cemetery, Anchorage, Kentucky

Hidden behind the Hobbs Memorial Chapel in Anchorage, Kentucky, the Hobbs Cemetery is quite difficult to find if you don't know where to look.  Join us today as we explore it.

Hobbs Chapel, from the road.

The Chapel is marked with the red arrow, the cemetery with blue.
The actual church burned down in 1954, and its remains were converted in into a small chapel.  The cemetery behind was it was protected as well, and does not appear to be active anymore.

Shot of the cemetery, from the gate.
Most of the graves at the Hobbs cemetery are quite old, though really well preserved.  Even in the 1800s, this must have been a wealthy area, as evidenced by the nice stones found throughout.

Headstone of Basil Hobbs, who died during his Civil War duties.  His officer status at the age of 21 is a testament to his gentry background.
George W. Brush.  No relation...
Rear gate of cemetery, leading to nowhere...
Departing view, walking back towards the chapel.

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  1. Right. That rear gate actually leads to my home. I visit there often. Though, I must agree, the stones are well preserved.