Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Famous Shoe Tree, Milltown, Indiana

 Located near Milltown, Indiana, this creepy old tree covered in shoes is a local landmark of sorts.  Join along as we check it out with this interesting photo set.

 Its not really clear how long the Shoe Tree has existed.  To be fair, none of the shoes look antique, so perhaps the 1970s?  Its a local landmark now, and the road it is on is actually called Shoe Tree Road on the nearby sign.

A somewhat brutalized shoe.

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  1. The shoe tree has been around since before settlers came to the US. The Native Americans started the tradition in these trees. You don't see antique shoes here because the original tree fell long ago, and everyone has kept the tradition alive.

    1. I had heard that it was the Welsh under Prince Madoc, but that looks to be wrong. Glad to hear the true story. Thanks.

  2. For many years, a boy scout trail passed by the "Shoe Tree". The trail opened in 1959, and started at Wyandotte Cave, and ended at Marengo Cave. The "Wyandotte Trail" was quite popular for many years. After the founder passed away in the mid-80's, I tool over operation. Originally, about half of the trail was over county roads, and the last half along State Road 66. After compliation of the Crawford County High School in 1975, State Road 66 became too hazardous for hiking. The trail was rerouted to be entirely on county roads leading into the south side of Marengo. Unfortunately, scout hiking has too, became a thing of the past. Even though it still exists, it has pretty much faded into history...

  3. You might want to check out this link for one version of the story behind the tree:

    When I lived in the area, people kept telling me to go check it out, and it seemed like every one had a different version of how it started!