Sunday, May 19, 2013

Abandoned Eastern Cemetery and Crematorium - Louisville, Kentucky

Eastern Cemetery is located on Baxter Avenue in Louisville, KY next to the infamous Cave Hill cemetery.  The cemetery suffered from years of horrible mismanagement before being abandoned and left to the mercy of vandals.  Volunteers now take care of the cemetery doing what they can, but it still sits in what is incredible, although improving disrepair.  An old building with a crematorium and chapel sits in the back of the cemetery.  It was  at one point a squatter's paradise, but has now been repainted and all the entrances bricked up.  I have included photos of the crematorium before and after a clean up done a few years ago.

The Crematorium in the distance.

The repainted and bricked up crematorium.


  1. Great news! A group of volunteers has formed to restore and beautify the Cemetery. was setup to help recruit volunteers and also accept donations to help with the clean up effort.

    If you're a fan of Eastern Cemetery, please consider joining our cause or giving a few dollars to help us pay for all of the basic cleanup necessities. Thank you!

  2. We are very interested in this. I will personally participate I imagine. Perhaps another post is in order...