Sunday, May 19, 2013

Abandoned Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant - Jefferson County, Indiana

Marble Hill was a nuclear power plant that began to be constructed in 1977 and was never finished.  The plant was abandoned by the company now known as Duke Energy in 1984.  The abandoned cooling towers of the plant were visible driving the back roads of Jefferson County, Indiana for two decades until the scrapping of the plant began in 2005.  These photos were taken in the midst of the scrapping process and the towers came down not too long after that.


  1. These are not Cooling Towers. They are the Containment Buildings (Nuclear reactors were inside of these). Unit #1 has the complete concrete top, Unit #2 has the incomplete top with exposed rebar and rust running down the sides. The cooling towers here were low profile mechanical draft types NOT the big hyperbolic types typically associated with nuclear power plants.......(I worked here!)

  2. The cooling towers were prefabricated 1/2 mile long buildings to the north of each of the reactor containment buildings (I went there)