Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Abandoned flashing rack outpost at the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant - Charlestown, Indiana

This flashing rack station was a part of the old Indiana Army Ammunition Plant, and is located in what is currently Charlestown State Park in Charlestown, Indiana.  The purpose of the flashing rack was to check that used plant materials no longer had any traces of propellant.  Only a small building that appears to have been an office at one time now remains in the area.  At the time these photos were taken the office was more or less how it was left when abandoned.

All areas of INAAP were numbered, and you can still find the signs in the park.  This is INAAP-18: Flashing Rack.

Asbestos free!


  1. aint nothing like nosy people now i want to be nosy thanks for pictures.a.bingham

  2. That Phone, Fridge and Clock probably still work