Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Lady - Jeffersonville, Indiana

This post definitely belongs in the weird category.  The Lady appears to be a forgotten art installation bizarrely placed in the old industrial area of Jeffersonville, Indiana near the Kitchen Kompact factory on Dutch Lane.  The installation sits a bit far back off the road just out of immediate eye sight.  It is comprised of two main pieces: the woman and the old scale that sits behind her.  From what I gather the piece is not a depiction of any particular woman, but just woman in general.  The area appears to be mowed on a semi-regular basis, but other than that it doesn't appear much maintenance has been invested in the pieces.

Bonus picture:
This unique looking building sits right across from The Lady.  I've never noticed much activity in the building, so it may no longer be functional.  It looks to me to either be a power station, or perhaps the building that generates the steam that heats the Census Bureau buildings during the cold months.  There are signs on the doors that say that it is property of the U.S. government.


  1. Any more info on the smokestack building. The cold months are coming so keep an eye out! :)

    1. I do not really have any new information at this time about the building. I've spoken with a couple people who have worked at the Census Bureau that said they think it still provides steam to the surrounding offices, but not any real documentation to confirm that.

    2. That building used to burn coal (obviously?) which is why the smokestack is so huge. Back in the mid-90s it was still being used, but I forget what for. (My father was a career Census Bureau employee, and they had a take-your-kids-to-work day around 1995 or so, this was part of the tour.) It definitely had some sort of furnace in it, so I think your guess about steam was probably correct, at least at the time. Not sure if it's still used now at all.

  2. I have to tell you that The Lady has been a source of panic for me for most of my life. Statues always cause anxiety but seeing her like this was kind of cool. Thanks for sharing her!