Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Kenwood Drive-In - Louisville, KY

The Kenwood Drive-In was the last remaining old school drive-in movie theater left in Louisville, KY.  It was shut down recently and is up for sale.  It will presumably be demolished.  A friend and I decided to go out and grab some pictures before it was gone.

The ticket booths by the entrance can be seen to the left, while the back of the big screen can be seen on the right.

For scale, a regular sized human on the bottom right of the screen.
The front of the screen where the movies were projected.

The concession booth and the parking lot covered in the old poles where the film's audio would be sent to each individual car.
 For the drive-in enthusiasts disappointed in the closure of Louisville's last drive-in theater, there is still a great one remaining a short drive a way in Southern Indiana.


  1. Sad. I used to deliver to them back when they showed movies. I remember seeing Iron Man there, as well as Superman when I was a kid.

  2. What could be done to save it